KPTNCOOK Part-time Photo Editor Application

Normannenstrasse, 33
C/O Gil Soares Fernandes
Berlin, Germany
Tel: +4915121357905

Mariendorfer Weg 64
Berlin, Germany

Permission to come aboard KPTN

Dear Eva Hoefer

I am responding to your Facebook post on “Designer Network Berlin” looking for a freelance/part-time photo editor. I could tell you that photography is my life, I could tell you about my passion for food (So you know that I researched you and your company ;) ). I could tell you about the integrity I apply to my approach to my craft. Instead, I am going to tell you two stories from my life that I hope will embody the fact that I am the best person to join you.

I was in my final year of my bachelors studying Journalism and Communication Design. My bachelor thesis project was creating a magazine completely by hand at every single step in the production process. It was at this point that I picked up a camera semi-seriously. I got my grandmothers old Zeiss Super Ikonta serviced and bought many rolls of film and set about documenting South Africa’s two biggest music festivals. I then hand-developed and printed the photos in the darkroom. I got so lost in this photography process that I almost forgot about the rest of the magazine. From then I fell down a rabbit hole into the world of photography. Since graduating and freelancing in the cultural journalism space I have always taken and edited my own photos.

The second story is from when I was 9 years old. I was home alone as was usual as my single mother couldn’t afford to after-school care or a nanny. Unfortunately, my mum had to work late that day. It was late, I was starving. I didn’t know when mum was coming home so I did the only thing I knew how. I tinkered in the kitchen. I had seen my mum make frozen chips in the oven before and I knew chips were made of potato, so I put two and two together and tried to cut the potatoes we had into vaguely chip shapes and bake them. I cut my finger really badly and had to get stitches, but those chips still live in my memory as the best thing I have ever eaten.

I currently work as a freelance as a graphic designer, journalist, and photographer and as the prep chef at Distrikt Coffee in Mitte on Weekends. It would excite me greatly to combine my two loves even further by coming on board with you as a photo editor.

Below you will find a selection of some of my photography that shows a more contemporary style of editing compared to what I currently have displayed on my main site (but you are welcome to have a look at that too).

I am able to start at the soonest possible date and look forward to hearing from you as to the possibility of working together.

Best regards

Alex Bernatzky


Nthombi’s Farm

I was asked by a stall holder at a food and design market I managed in Johannesburg if I could come take some photos of her farm that she could use to promote herself.


Skogsfesten 2017

In 2017 I volunteered at and documented a music and arts festival in Sweden. This is a 100% sustainable festival started by students from the nearby arts and design school


Portrait session


Oktoberfest 2016

In 2016 I attended and documented the Oktoberfest. Most tourists see it as a festival where you drink as much as you can. What I saw were families spending quality time together. These photos were an attempt to capture that side of the festival