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I created all the imagery for the Secret Eats Masquerade in aid of the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre.

This campaign required media produced for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and spanned static imagery and motion graphics.

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The concept was that one’s true self can only be revealed through anonymity.

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References and initial concepts

The primary points of reference were Cirque du Soleil and Venetian masques and masqued balls. On the right, you can see the initial design iterations that I experimented with before settling on the final visual treatment.

At the time of development, Twitter was the only platform with true GIF support. This GIF was the primary media that ran on that channel. A similar square format video was also developed for Instagram.


For Flaconi I create a series of web banners to be placed at the top of their site promoting the Giorgio Armani fragrances they had on offer.



I designed the digital mailer for the invite to the launch of the Hisense Infinity smartphone launch.

The concept behind the launch was a treasure hunt around the Cape Town V&A Waterfront. Rather than use stereotypical treasure hunt tropes such as “X marks the spot” and palm trees on a desert island, I took inspiration from google maps. essentially a modern day treasure map that we use to find everything from the location of our next meeting, to a place to grab dinner in an unfamiliar city.

I placed the a minimalist map in the background and marked the areas which activities would be taking place.


While working with Love Jozi I designed the digital invites for the Loeries Awards after-parties for both Egg Films and Deep End Post Production.

The Deep End invite took the form of a mailer that went out to their key clients and took inspiration from synchronised swimming and how when viewed from above or below it actually resembles a kaleidoscope in the water. These two motifs spoke strongly to the theme of “go off the deep end”, so I combined them to be viewed as if one were watching synchronised from below them underwater through a kaleidoscope.


For Egg Films I took a play on the phrase “Don’t be chicken” and turned it into a visual pun by representing it through the skeleton of iconic South African bird the Hadeda Ibis. Inside it I placed an ostrich egg. This gave it sense of surreal absurdism and connoted that just like the ostrich egg is the biggest birds egg. The Egg Films party was going to be the biggest after-party at the Loeries.

Rather than a traditional mailer Egg Films opted for a series of social media posts targeted at select clients, industry who’s who and influencers.