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Name: Alex Bernatzky


Nationality: German/South African

Just an Igor in search of a Dr Frankenstein. Let's make a monster together.
I’m a graphic designer with several years of experience specialising in editorial design. I also have extensive experience with branding—whether it be shaping a brand identity from the ground or iterating on and working within an existing corporate identity.
With a complementary skillset of graphic design (including motion graphics) and photography, I’m able to craft a holistic visual narrative that’s also flexible and can be optimised to suit differing distribution channels, such as web, social media, and print. I think the most compelling storytelling is driven by a spirit of curiosity and experimentation.
Current explorations: speculative futures of the urban space as humanity evolves and adapts—especially in response to migration and climate change; the concept of truth and its amorphous nature; avenues for the hybridisation of print and digital media.



Art Direction and Design, Creative Content Production (Writing, Photography, Animation)

Embodying that liminal space where madness meets genius. Creating creative problems to often mundane solutions. Embracing the cracks and revealing the beauty in honest imperfections. Helping you be befok not gefok.

BEFOK.SPACE is my freelance and artist moniker. My freelance work consists primarily of art direction and editorial design work for organisations that aim to have a positive impact in the world, but I will take on any creative work that sparks my interest and as such have done 2D animation, photography, UX/UI design, and i also have contributed written work for several of publications.

Artistically I am exploring urban futures and placemaking in a world coming to grips with climate change and migration; the tangible in a digital world, the shifting sands “Truth” is built on.

March 2012 - Present


More Than Food Magazine

Contributing Editor

During my time as contributing editor for More Than Food, I Edited all of the contributors' articles to ensure consistency and quality, and to maintain a ‘brand voice’. I ran the content management system, and ensured contributors submitted their articles on time so that they could be scheduled and uploaded timeously .

I also worked as a journalist. I created media rich content primarily on the intersection between food, design, music, and art within Johannesburg, and the communities that surround these activities. I researched and wrote articles, set-up interviews, created animations, and infographics, and took all my own photographs for articles where possible.

June 2014 — January 2016


Love Jozi Designs

Graphic Design, Market & Event Management

Working With Bradley Kirshenbaum at Love Jozi was an extremely hands-on and fulfilling position. During my time there I worked on a wide variety of projects both design related and not.

Examples of the work I did includes:

  • creating social media content for the Love Jozi, Black Coffee, Market on Main, and Eat Your Heart Out brands

  • Developing packaging and new product designs including T-shirt prints, and graphic material, and point of sale collateral for Love Jozi

  • Completing various design briefs for Love Jozi Design clients including, branding and logo design, social media content, and editorial design for clients spanning media production houses such as award-winning Egg Film, to The City of Johannesburg

  • I designed and developed fabric prints for the Black Coffee A/W 2015 and S/S 2015/16 runway collections

  • I assisted in the re-conceptualisation of the Johannesburg branch of Market on Main and the development of the Pretoria branch of the market, including the ongoing curation and selection of stallholders.

  • I acted as market manager for Market on Main in Maboneng — a weekend food and design market owned own by the Love Jozi Brand — managing a team of five to ensure the successful running of the market.

June 2014 — July 2015



Writing and Photographer

I was a writer and photographer for Another-Day. I created media rich content that ranged from opinion pieces, to event coverage. I did all my own photography to accompany each of my articles and created other supplementary visual content such as infographics.

February 2014 - January 2015


Big Blue

Art Direction and Graphic Design

During my brief but valuable time with Big Blue, I conceptualised, art directed, and designed all visual material for the Big Blue stores across South Africa. This ranged from point of sale material, print adverts, social media content, and in-store branding.

I also designed T-shirt prints, and packaging for in-house products.

I shot and edited photos of all the products for the online store.

February 2014 - June 2014


MSc Design Research

Anhalt University of Applied Science, Foundation Bauhaus-Dessau, Humboldt-University

Studying Design theory at the Walter Gropius-Bauhaus. Working with theory and practice of design, I acquired full professional proficiency in Design Research and augmented my design and writing Skills.

Thesis: Framing Memory: The discursive role of museum design in the conception of heritage in post–apartheid South Africa

grade: 1.5 (German 6 point grade system) 60 ECTS credits

October 2016 — September 2017


Summer School Diploma: “United Nationa 17 Sustainable Development Goals and Co-Creation”

VIA University College

During the course of this summer program, I augmented my competence in the design thinking sprint methodology, as well as in both my quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. I also gained further skills in problem-based research, user-driven projects, co-creation and innovation and finally managing intercultural teams as I took the lead on our final project in which we worked as a group of 5 students from diverse international backgrounds.

Final Project: Proposal presented to the Aarhus municipality in collaboration with the Mejlgade Lab to convert the unused space at pier 2 at the Aarhus harbour into an eco-park.

Grade: 12 (Danish 12 point scale) 10 ECTS credits

July 27 2018 - August 27 2018


Bachelor of Journalism Degree

Rhodes University

Studying all aspects of political philosophy; media studies; journalistic practice; and screen and graphic design including: communication design, photography, and the moving Image.

Majors in Politics and Journalism & Media Studies with a two– year specialisation in communication & graphic design.

Thesis: Anachronism: and exploration into the lasting impact of the letterpress in the contemporary publishing environment.

Grade: 68% (Upper Second according to British Grading System) 240 ECTS credits

February 2010 — November 2013


  • Photography

  • Writing

    • Creative

    • Technical

    • Editing and sub-editing

  • Adobe Suite including

    • Photoshop

    • InDesign

    • Illustrator

    • After Effects

    • Premier Pro

  • Sketch

  • Platform Management:

    • Content Management Systems

    • Customer Relation Management

    • Social Media

  • HTML5 & CSS3

  • Project Management & Production

  • MS Office Suite



ENGLISH — Native Speaker

Afrikaans — business level

German — A2