Working under Unplugged Creative Director, Rick Melville I designed record sleeve and inserts for on-boarding media for the CEOs of some of South Africa’s top companies.

The product is a program through which a CEO can connect with their workforce.

The concept behind it borrows from the MTV Live Unplugged sessions in which big-name musicians play smaller more intimate shows through which they can connect more deeply with their audiences. This concept was transposed to the workplace by putting the CEOs in the position of the musicians.

front MockUp.jpg

User Research

For the pitch to each CEO, Unplugged researched which musician the CEO most enjoyed. In the case of Carlo Gonzaga of Starbucks, it was Carlos Santana.

I then did a head swap placing the CEO’s face on the body of the musician.

The back sleeve explained the entire staff onboarding process in the form of a tracklist

Back MockUp.jpg

The inner sleeves further the comparison between CEOs and Rock Stars, and go into detail regarding the need to connect on a more intimate level with staff members that they can feel truly part of the company as a team and not just a cog in the corporate system.

The entire concept of the pitch seeks to evoke a sense of nostalgia for the wonder of feeling close to a musician through an intimate performance as well as stroking the ego of CEO’s likening them to their heroes. It also seeks to leave a lasting impression with a physical artefact that is highly relatable to the Unplugged’s targeted demographic.