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Bon Appetit is a start-up company with the goal of taking the dining experience digital, bringing resteraunts and diners closer together.

To achieve this goal I created a base application hierarchy and work flow that can then be customised to apply to each resteraunt that buys into the platform.


iPhone 6 Coffee Table.jpg

Bon Appetit is a start-up company with the goal of taking the dining experience digital, bringing restaurants and diners closer together.


When you’re eating out you’re usually too tired from a long day to make food for yourself, it’s a special occasion and you’re celebrating, or maybe you’re treating yourself, friends and family. Whatever the case the last thing you want is the experience ruined because you can’t catch the eye of the waiter, they forget your special dietary requirement, or heaven forbid your entire order.

The BON APPÉTIT team consisting of Jordan Stephanou, Sharell Kassim & Wade Manning saw an opportunity to streamline the ordering and payment process at restaurants, by developing a digital ordering system that allowed users to log into the menu of any restaurant that bought into the concept. Once logged into a restaurants menu users would be able to: place an order, customise that order, view suggestions for food and drink that would pair well with that order, view the most popular meal and drink at a restaurant, comment on and rate meals, and finally pay for everything (including the ability to split the bill) all in app. Additional app functionality includes locating nearby restaurants, including nearby restaurants running specials.

The Brief

The Brief for this first stage was incredibly open with only the base functionalities that needed to be present listed. Design the UX/app architecture as well as the UI for the user end of the BON APPÉTIT Android and IOS application.

I was then provided with market research/use data to use in the development of the architecture, as well as a base user-flow to work with.


  1. Review Data

  2. Define User-flow

  3. Wireframe

  4. Design Alpha UI

Key User Needs

  • The ability to filter meals according to preference and/or allergies

  • View photos of the meals

  • The ability to easily customise orders

  • Automatic payments

  • Bill splitting


BON APETIT basic userflow

Wireframe Flows

Artboard 42.jpg
slide out menu-38.jpg

A key feature of the app is the slide out order review. Here you can see your order, view pairing recommendations, add customisations, and access your bill at the end of the evening. it is accessed by a left to right swipe from the left of the screen no matter which section of the app the user is viewing.


Ergonomic Research

Additionally to feature requirements and user-flow research was done into ergonomics of smartphone use of common phone sizes at the time, with the then current iPhone being used as the primary case study. This data was used to inform the UI layout of the app. All the primary features of the app are accessible within the natural range of thumb motion assuming one handed phone use.

User interface mock-ups



While basic architecture and layout remain consistent to maintain the application’s identity, each restaurant has will have the ability to tailor the application to align with their own Corporate Identity (CI)

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