Refusing to be pigeonholed, Alex Bernatzky is a multihyphenate. One part transdisciplinary designer, one part visual storyteller, one part academic, several parts insatiably curious.

Currently based in Berlin, this Johannesburg-born creative has an enduring love affair with cities; The soul encased in the concrete and asphalt; the heartbeat provided by the thrum of daily life.

Their mantra is: be BEFOK... Not Gefok.

Befok: Afrikaans slang means really cool, crazy, stupid or a combination of all of the above.

Gefok: fucked up.

BEFOK exists in a contested space. Like the language it stems from BEFOK is unmoored. Something that belongs neither in Africa where it was born nor in Europe where it finds its roots.

Current explorations: speculative futures of the urban space as humanity evolves and adapts — especially in response to migration and climate change; The concept of truth and its amorphous nature; avenues for the hybridisation of print and digital media.


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